TURIN 2015

Events planned to take place in Turin in 2015

2015 will be a very important year for Turin from the point of view of tourism, thanks to a full programme of events, exhibitions and fairs that are sure to attract the attention of the media, enticing more and more people to visit the city.

In 2015, Turin will be the European Capital of Sport with many sporting events that involve many of the public facilities and some of the major events of the year that will be in some way have a sports related theme.

The Turin Holy Shroud Exhibition has also been confirmed for 2015, scheduled for the bicentenary of the birth of Don Bosco, while the new Egyptian Museum will be inaugurated in the spring; the result of five years work to expand and completely renovate its exhibitions.

And let's not forget that 2015 will also be the year of the Milan Expo, an event which is predicted to attract 20 million of potential tourists from all over the world. It's a not to be missed opportunity for Turin that could have important implications in terms of increased tourism for the city, as well as the entire Piedmont region. Milan and Turin have already spent a long time planning a programme of events to complement and enhance its tourism and cultural attractions.

turin 2015

TURIN 2015: European Capital of Sport

Having beaten the Polish city of Krakow, in 2015 it will be Turin's turn in the role of the European Capital of Sport. After the 2006 Winter Olympics, the Fencing World Cup and World Masters Game in 2013, the capital of Piedmont has once again demonstrated its vocation for hosting major sporting events, ensuring the availability of modern public facilities, as well as all the necessary organizational support to ACES (Association of European Capitals of Sport). In 2015, Turin will be once again be the centre of attention of the media and international sport, with an initiative that aims to enhance sport as a tool for integration, loyalty and healthy competition.

New Egyptian Museum of Turin: inauguration in 2015

After five years of restoration work and the transfer of the Savoy Gallery (one of the most important art galleries in Italy) from the Palazzo del Collegio dei Nobili to the new wing of the Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace), the new Egyptian Museum of Turin will be inaugurated in 2015. It with have completely renovated exhibition areas, and the development is aimed at the full enhancement of an extraordinary museum heritage. Do not forget that the Egyptian Museum in Turin is the second most important of its kind in the world after Cairo in terms of the number and quality of exhibits. The new guided tour, created by the scenographer Dante Ferretti, will offer visitors an ideal "up the Nile" experience; an exciting walk through three floors with the fascinating mystery of Egyptian antiquities.

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cathedral of shroud of turin

2015 Exhibition of the Holy Shroud in Turin

The Exhibition of the Holy Shroud in Turin to celebrate the bicentenary of Don Bosco has been confirmed. Five years after the last exhibition, pilgrims will once again be able to admire the Holy Shroud from close up inside the Duomo (cathedral) of Turin, where it has long been safeguarded in a high-tech reliquary that is not exhibited to the public. The Exhibition is scheduled for the spring of 2015 and will last for about 45 days.

For more information please visit the following page: 2015 Exhibition of the Holy Shroud in Turin

Events in Turin associated to the 2015 Milan Expo

The 2015 Milan Expo is an important general exhibition that is non-commercial nature, to be held from 1 May to 31 October 2015. The theme chosen for this edition is "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life" and its purpose is to promote technological innovations, cultures and traditions related to food and nutrition. The 2015 Milan Expo is an event of global importance that will attract a significant flow of tourists and full media attention, and which will certainly create a significant economic impact on the territory. Given the proximity between Milan and Turin (linked by a high-speed rail line that allows travelling between the cities in less than 45 minutes), this city and the entire Piedmont region are at the forefront for promoting local products and enhancing its tourism and cultural attractions. The programme of events in Turin associated to the 2015 Expo Milano is currently being prepared and it will be announced in the coming months.