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The new 2015 Exhibition of the Holy Shroud in Turin has been confirmed. Five years after the last exhibition, the Holy Shroud will once again be on show to the public on the occasion of the celebrations for the 200th anniversary of the birth of St. John Bosco. Pilgrims will thus be able to admire the Holy Shroud from close up. This is the shroud in which, according to tradition, the body of Christ was wrapped after he was lowered down from the cross. The Exhibition of the Holy Shroud will start at April 19, 2015 and will last until June 24, 2015, St. John's Day. Throughout the period of the Exhibition of the Holy Shroud in Turin, the Salesians have organised a full program of events and initiatives to commemorate the charism of St. John Bosco, Father and Teacher of youth. During the Exhibition of the Holy Shroud, on June 21, 2015, there will also be an extraordinary visit by Pope Francis in Turin. The Exhibition of the Holy Shroud in Turin in 2010 brought over a million and a half pilgrims to the capital of Piedmont, but the simultaneous holding of the Milan Expo and numerous other events organised for the occasion in Turin, the number of pilgrims and tourists for the 2015 programme could be much higher.

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Information for to booking the visit to the Shroud of Turin 2015

The visit to the Holy Shroud of Turin is free of charge. The Exposition begins on April 19th 2015 and ends on June 24th 2015. Booking online requires a few minutes and a valid e-mail address is necessary, you have also to give a valid phone number in the given space of the personal references. The booking can be made for single or group visits. You can make a reservation online at the official website: www.sindone.org. For any eventuality please contact the telephone number +39.011.5295550 or send an email to gestpre2015@sindone.org.

Holy Shroud of Turin

History of the Holy Shroud of Turin

On 20 June 1353, Geoffrey de Charny donated the Holy Shroud to the canons of the collegiate chapter of Lirey, which he himself had founded. The Holy Shroud was exhibited to the public for the first time in 1357. In 1415, Margaret de Charny, a descendant of Godfrey, took back the cloth and sold it in 1453 to the dukes of Savoy, who kept it in the French town of Chambery, where, unfortunately, a fire in 1532 damaged several parts of it. In 1578 it was taken to Turin, where in the meantime the Savoy dynasty had moved its capital, and it has remained there until the present day, except for brief episodes. There have only been four exhibitions of the Holy Shroud in Turin over the past 35 years: in 1978, 1998 and 2000 on the occasion of the Jubilee, as in 2010, so the 2015 exhibition is a not to be missed event for everybody.

The Museum of the Holy Shroud in Turin (Italy)

We would like to remind pilgrims who will travel to Turin for the Exposition of the Holy Shroud that not far from the Duomo (cathedral), in 28, Via San Domenico (about 10 minutes' walk), they will find the Museum of the Holy Shroud that preserves all the documents and illustrates the history of scientific research that began over a century ago, in 1898, which has since been continued by researchers with different types of expertise, who have tried to decipher the shroud and its image, in order to try to unravel its mysteries. The visit to the Museum can be made with the aid of audio guides in five languages (Italian, English, German, French and Spanish). The museum can also be visited by blind people. The visiting hours of the Museum of the Shroud of Turin: every day, from 9 am to 12 pm and from 3 pm to 7 pm (last admission 1 hour before closing). Booking in advance is recommended for groups. Information: tel. +39.011.4365832 - email: museo@sindone.org.

Uselful imformation for to visit the main museums of Turin

cathedral of shroud of turin

Religious tourism in Turin (Italy)

Turin and its hinterland have a deep religious tradition; many of the city's churches are true works of art, such as the Gran Madre di Dio (Great Mother of God), San Lorenzo (St. Lawrence), San Filippo Neri (St. Philip Neri) and twin churches of Santa Cristina and San Carlo. The 2015 Exhibition of the Holy Shroud may be the perfect opportunity to learn about all the holy places in Turin and visit the historical centre, the main museums, and discover all the architectural and cultural beauties that the city is able to offer tourists.

Tourist route in the center of turin

Since the Middle Ages, Piedmont has been on a route on the way to Rome, the centre of Christianity. The street Via Francigena crosses the Province of Turin with two routes that are full of monasteries, abbeys and churches that pilgrims used as intermediate stops during their long journey. We would like to inform you among the major religious sites located in the vicinity of Turin that can be visited during the 2015 Exposition of the Holy Shroud is the Sacra of San Michele, the Novalesa Abbey in the Susa Valley, the Abbey of St. Anthony in Ranverso, the Certosa of Montebenedetto and the Sacro Monte shrine in Belmonte, located in the Canavese area, which in 2003 was declared to be a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Colle of Don Bosco and other religious sites in Piedmont

the shrine dedicated to St. John Bosco

Outside the boundaries of the Province of Turin, in Castelnuovo Don Bosco (Asti ) lies the shrine dedicated to St. John Bosco, which the 2015 Exhibition of the Holy Shroud of Turin will be dedicated to. In the Becchi area (now known as the Colle Don Bosco), you can visit the birthplace of the saint, the Maria Ausiliatrice Church, the Farmers' Museum and the Missionary Museum. Around the great shrine, which includes the Upper Church and the Lower Church, there are a whole series of buildings: colleges, schools, laboratories and sports and leisure facilities for the many young people who wish to pursue artisan and technical careers.

The Shrine of Don Bosco, which is an important place of pilgrimage in Piedmont, lies about 35 km from Turin and is easily accessible by car (by going towards Asti, then Buttigliera di Asti and thus arriving in Colle Don Bosco), as well as by Turin public transport to Corso San Maurizio, where the terminal of the Vigo bus for Castelnuovo Don Bosco is located. For more information: tel. +39.011.856545 - email: info@vigobus.it - website: vigobus.it.

The following are other religious sites in the Piedmont region that are worth visiting: the Sacro Monte di Oropa shrine, near Biella, the Sacro Monte in Varallo , the Crea shrine, Regina Montis Regalis shrine in Vicoforte, the Sacro Monte in Orta, the Calvario in Domodossola and the Sacro Monte of the Holy Trinity in Ghiffa.